Whiskey Tree Aging Alliance

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Whiskey Tree Aging Alliance

Made in partnership with the Whiskey Tree Aging Alliance (WTAA™), a Maryland non-profit dedicated to aging Maryland Rye Whiskey in live oak trees, the final product is the first ever whiskey to be aged inside a living oak tree, rather than traditional oak barrels.

How does it work? The process is simple: drill, pour, and wait. After over a year of experimenting with different techniques, trees and processes, Sagamore Spirit distillers found that live oak trees are even more effective at adding the compounds that enhance the whiskey’s flavor – lignin, lactones and tannins – than traditional oak barrels. And unlike barrels, the tree’s freeform shape allows the liquid to adopt new flavors never tasted before, including wood spice, sap and earthy undertones thanks to its distinctive lobed leaves.

The WTAA™ found aging whiskey in live oak has mutual benefits – with over 95% of their trees show improved signs of hydration and relaxation.

We look forward to releasing this limited product in Maryland only by the end of April. To celebrate, the first 50 buyers of Sagamore Spirit Live Oak Finish will also receive a complimentary tree tap that can double as a liquid dispenser for the bottle.

Disclaimer: no real trees were harmed during the making of this whiskey.

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