The American Whiskey story started with Rye. Distillers were some of America’s original entrepreneurs who distilled this great spirit in urban centers across the mid-Atlantic. At Sagamore Spirit, we honor this history by picking up the torch.

It’s time to inspire a new passion for the future of American Whiskey

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Ricky and Leslie drive a combine along a rye field at Carroll Mill Farm in Ellicott City, Maryland. Together with Sagamore Spirit, they started growing rye for distillation in 2018.

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The anthem track, Barnburning, is written and performed by Gangstagrass, a rap-meets-bluegrass band from Brooklyn, New York. The band recently ranked #1 on Billboard’s Bluegrass Albums Chart for their latest release, “No Time For Enemies.” It’s the first time rappers have ever been at the top of the Bluegrass Chart.

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Ezra (L) and Aaron (R) are mixology veterans who started the Cane Collective, a Baltimore-based cocktail and mixers shop dedicated to bringing the experience of craft bartending into people’s homes.

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Andy (L), Ryan (T), and Corryn (R) are part of Sagamore Spirit’s distilling and operations team. Sagamore Spirit intentionally does not have a Master Distiller. It’s a team-centric process ; every idea, innovation, and palate matters.

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The time-honored tradition of making a barrel is just as important as making the whiskey. We work directly with stave mills and cooperages to procure all of our 53-gallon American charred oak barrels, each expertly charred to a level three.

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