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Black Manhattan

Sagamore Spirit has unlocked the perfect Manhattan cocktail—the Black Manhattan—using Sagamore Spirit Rye Whiskey, Sagamore Spirit Amaro, bitters, and Whiskey Cherries. Our Amaro was designed from the ground up to compliment our signature Rye Whiskey in this herbal cocktail. Sagamore Spirit's team of distillers spent months getting the flavor profile just right, experimenting with a variety of premium herbs and botanicals that would ideally meld with a rye distillate. The result is a rye-forward amaro that opens with a complex floral nose and closes with a mildly bitter finish, appealing to cocktail aficionados and pure whiskey lovers alike. Ryan Norwood, our COO at Sagamore Spirit, said it best: “There wasn’t a playbook for a rye distillate-based amaro, and our goal was to create something that didn’t just taste great in a rye whiskey cocktail, but rather, was tailor made for it.”

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